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Mappings of online data from the U.S. Supreme Court

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Mapping U.S. Supreme Court Data Across the Internet

With the National Archives, Library of Congress, and even (gasp) the U.S. Supreme Court itself making more of the Court’s current and historical information available online, having some roadmaps to – and mappings between – all that data is becoming increasingly important. Add private collections to the mix, such as The Oyez Project, Justia, and The Supreme Court Database, and the wealth of information becomes both a blessing and a curse.

In 2023, NARA finally made the fully digitized collection of U.S. Supreme Court audio recordings available – a long-overdue development, considering that most of the digitization work had been completed over the two previous decades, thanks to the efforts of Oyez and its many contributors, which NARA finally acknowledged publicly in March 2024.

No detailed mappings across all these rich data sets exist yet, but hopefully they will materialize over time. To help kick things off, I’ve started working on an audit.

This audit relies in part on the audio materials (and associated metadata) sitting in NARA’s SCOTUS Collection:

Other Series in NARA’s SCOTUS collection include:

Records of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1772-2007

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